A good escape room is challenging, engaging and gives a well-deserved feeling of mastery. Deadline recreates this for you in the conference hall or at the office. A pefectly good alternative indoors, which doesn't depend on the shifty Norwegian weather.

  • Difficulty Adapted as needed

  • Duration 90 minutes

  • Number of players 10-1000 people

  • Placement Your premises


Et bra escaperoom er utfordrende, engasjerende og gir velfortjent mestringsfølelse. Deadline gjenskaper dette for dere i konferansesalen eller på kontoret. Det er et fullgodt alternativ inne som ikke er avhengig av været på vestlandet.

  • Vanskelighetsgrad Tilpasses etter ønske

  • Varighet 90 minutter

  • Antall spillere 10-1000 personer

  • Plassering Dine lokaler


To recreate the escape room experience, we have made an interesting case that is solved through practical tasks, physical clues and digital traces.

The case is that a trusted coworker in the IT-department is dismissed, as it turns out that he has sold confidential information under the table to competitors.

He is now demanding a large amount of money to not upload the whole server on the open web and disclouse all the secrets. The only thing he left behind is a suitcase. It is solidly locked, and we expect it to contain the decryption-key that will stop the upload. But, there is only one hour left before the deadline, and all the data goes public.

Now everything depens on you being able to crack the codes and find the key.


Deadline is an amazing choice for kick-off, conference, classes, summer parties, christmas parties, teambuilding, bachelor parties and birthdays! The game can be held in Møre og Romsdal or other parts of Norway, for up to 1000 people.

How is the arrangement?

Ikon, klokke

The gamemaster(s) arrive at your location approx. 45 minutes before gamestart, to rig the equipment.

Ikon, gruppe personer

You are split into teams of 4-7 people, and every team are handed a game box.

Ikon, bok

You get an introduction to the game, it will take about 10-15 min. Dere får introduksjon til spillet. Det tar 10-15 minutes.

Ikon, timeglass

The teams are given one hour to solve the mission. During the game the gamemaster(s) will support the teams through guidance and clues.

Ikon, power symbol

The winning team stops a powerful IT machine which is placed in the middle of the room.

Ikon, gave

The gamemaster(s) will award prizes to the winning team and answer any questions.

Ikon, to personer bærer pakke

The gamemaster(s) need 30-45 min after the game to pack down the equipment.

We can adjust the game by your needs